For three days

I did not get the Don’t Stop Believing Socks out of my head. I was
ordering new pinksocks and looking around on the site. Suddenly I
saw them: Green christmas socks, with Father Christmas who told
me, don’t stop believing. These words stay “tumbling” in my head.

Not a ball boy who keeps him out of the rain, but a human being a
perons of flesh and blood who stands in the rain on a tennis court.

If we all should do that tomorrow, see the person in everybody you
will meet. In the cleaner, the docter, a disabled person, your neighbor,
The single person in your street, the one with autism or with dementia.

Mine father is “already” dead, because when I visit him he doesn’t
know. I also hear people say “don’t bother she has alzheimer’s she
doesn’t know” or “Yes my partner is alive, but I’m already a widow”

No…..This is not true! Having alzheimer, is not being dead. Having
alzheimer is not the same as not feeling not knowing.