Welcome! Here you find tips, inspiration and a method of achieving Alzheimer’s happiness and care-ease

No theoretical story but practice-oriented handles based on my own care experiences.

At the care of my mother with alzheimer’s me and my father noticed that with music all care actions runs better and more cozy.

We created playlists for in the morning, evening and for in the night. We used shower and walking music and had a Cabaret playlist “The Care Oriented Playlist” were born.

Trial and Error is base for personalized dementia care as every person is unique, no care situation is the same. You have to find out for yourself what works or not works in your unique care situation.

This means: Setting the person central in healthcare! Worldwide Pinksocks are the symbol of this. That’s why I love to be a Pinksocks ambassador.

Because when we put the person central, we create a healthcare were everybody is happy with: Workers, patients, residents and the family. Oke let’s start with personalized care oriented playlist.

The Pinksocks dementia brigade

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